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Goalkeeper Specific Performance Academy

Over the years Coerver® Coaching has built the reputation as the World’s leading Skills Program, and we have updated our Coerver® Goalkeeping Curriculum to reflect the importance of good foot skills to the modern Goalkeeper. 

We will focus on the essential skills that are needed to make a goalie go from good to great. The camp will focus on basics as well as advanced goal keeper training.  Positioning is essential to having a good goalkeeper in net. Positioning can be the different between a finger tip save, or a goal. Distribution is one of the key focuses, as all goalkeepers need to have good distribution skills all over the field. And finally game play. Game play is essential to creating a well rounded goalkeeper who can give you leadership from the back. 

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Carmichael Goalkeeper Academy - April to June 2022

Goalkeeper Specific

Registration closes on 06/12/2022 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 04/24/2022 to 06/12/2022
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