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South Tahoe Futbol Club and AYSO South Lake Tahoe will be hosting it's first Coerver Coaching Soccer Camp!

The Development of the Dynamic Player.  What is it?  It is a progression.  When you have the ball on your foot, how do you penetrate the defense with it?  How do you accelerate and take the space off the dribble?  How do you beat a defender 1V1 with moves, skill, and speed?  The ability of making the correct decision, quickly, and then executing the skill at speed -- this is the beginning of developing the Art of Dynamic Play.  The Art of the Dynamic Player is all about having the skill to unbalance your opponents defense.  An emphasis in our Coerver Coaching Camp is placed on individual skill development and progressing it to where a player has the confidence and ability to do, with the ball, what is dictated at that moment. 

It's a process. 

This is the beginning. 

Top Gun?

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